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Quick? Easy? Hitfile! This cloud storage platform provides many measurements that will help you to store your data on the internet. Best thing on Hitfile is their premium model which offers sweet deals. You can prepay this site for 25, 70, 150, or 350 days just for a few bucks. Payment can be made through visa, master card, Paypal, Paysafecard, Skrill. You named it. If you renew your subscription, you will get a 21% discount. You can also enable https protection for anonymous. The next thing we have to mention is the Language switcher in the right corner of this site. You can choose from 10 international languages from English to Turkey. Premium subscription provides no ads, no delays, maximum download, and upload speed. If you want to upload files on this site, you have to select your files or drag and drop them into the center of the Hitfile main page. This cloud storage also offers a program for resellers that will provide you a 30 to 40% discount for premium memberships. You can choose if you want to FTP to the URL upload. Before you start to read all the Terms of use and with any problem, check the FAQ section where there are many answered questions and suggestions.

Where does Superloading download?

We currently support 23 share servers and others will soon follow