JDownloader 2

Download with Superload even more comfortably with Jdownloader manager.

JDownloader advantages

  • Simple user enviroment
  • Stylish look
  • Easy download
  • Maximum comfort
  • Many useful features

Download the newest version of JDownloader 2, that correlates with you OS. Link for download is above.

Run the instalation program and wait for the instalation to complete.

If you have any problems using this program, do not hesitate and ask our technical support.

2Updating software

We recommend you to update program before the first use. That will ensure the functionality of all needed components.

Click on the icon of globe with arrows. Program will download all needed files in a short time and updates.

3Account settings

Run the program. Now clic on the settings in the uppermenu a then submenu Account manager. Choose Add.

Choose Superload from the menu of available servers. Fill in your e-mail and password and click OK.

Done. Everything is now set and it's possible to begin with download.

4How to download

Select Link collector tab and then button Add new links in the lower part of the program. You will then be able to add single links into the popup window.

You can insert links directly witd Superloading.com even to any of the supported servers.

Press continue for download to begin